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Secure your portfolio with derivatives and trade derivatives with higher risk and expected profit.

Even if a financial instrument does not have options, they can be constructed by dynamic replication. You can buy a share as the price increases and you can sell (short) a share on its way down. Then you have constructed a "call option" and "put option" respectively. But there are some problems you must be aware of and that relates to liquidity. Some of the greatest financial frauds are connected with dynamic replicating of options. But in periodes of normal liquidity, you can create a "put option" on real estate share by shorting it on its way down.

You may look at an oil field as a real option. There are options on a lot of instruments, even options on options (second order options). Derivatives can also be traded. That increases your expected return, but as there is no free lunch your risk too. There is exchange traded funds, ETFs on most securities. You can for instance have gold and oil in your portfolio by buying gold and oil ETFs. There are ETFs for all traded commodities. If you are a small investor and don't hav access to IPOs, you can buy IPO ETFs. There is even VIX ETFs that means that the greater the market volatility, the more you earn. Searh for the best volatility etfs or vix etfs and make your own judgement. If you are not able to take a decision yourself, ask your financial advisor. In a complete market, there is an instrument for any opinion you have about the market. Super shares and super funds is related to that, but may be not for a novice investor or trader.

Imagine, having a call option on a put option on the Nasdaq future in march 2000. That had given you a tremendous leverage. Options were first constructed as insurance. A put option secures your asset against price falls. It secures your fortune when you are in the market. A call option, on the other hand, secures you when you are out of the market.


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